Completion of research into the extraction and use of peat-sapropel substrate (fertiliser) for growing forest seedlings

In December 2022, the Institute of Forestry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus completed research work on the technology of obtaining and using peat-sapropel substrate for growing forest planting material.

The research was planned and conducted by Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor Vladimir Vasilyevich Kopytkov.

In 2021, the first experimental batches of products were delivered to the State Forestry Institution “Brest Forestry” and the State Forestry Institution “Kobrin Experimental Forestry”. Thanks to this work, the technology of obtaining new substrates was developed, the proportions of necessary ingredients were determined, the germination of seeds in the soil was increased, and the degree of readiness of composts was reduced.

With the direct participation of V.V. Kopytkov, the TU BY 400070994.009-2022 “Organomineral substrate “Fertiriz” for growing seedlings of forest species” was developed and registered.

An important result of the scientific research was the invention of a unique formula of compost for forestry and agriculture, consisting of tree bark, peat, poultry manure, mushroom production waste, sapropel and water. This reduced the maturity of composts by 40-50 days and increased the germination of seeds by 45-55%.

On 30.10.2022 the invention was granted patent No. 23822 “Composition for obtaining compost on the basis of tree bark”, issued by the State Institution “National Center for Intellectual Property”. The technical purpose of the patent – to increase the germination of coniferous seeds in the soil and to decrease the degree of composting – is achieved by adding sapropel and mushroom production waste to the compost composition.

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