Organomineral raw materials for the preparation of drilling fluids

ALC "AGROSEMPRODUCT" produces organic-mineral raw materials from the extracted sapropel, intended for use in the composition of drilling fluids in the development of wells in oil and gas fields.

Organic-mineral raw materials is produced in accordance with TU BY 190334809.002-2019 "Organomineral raw materials for preparing drilling muds". Organic sapropel of Udhovda deposit of Pruzhanskiy district of Brest region is used in the production of organic-mineral raw materials.

How it works

Organic-mineral raw materials are natural raw materials in which organic and mineral components are perfectly balanced. The modification of organic-mineral raw materials creates suspensions that meet all the requirements for drilling wells. The biopolymers in the organic component of the organic-mineral feedstock ensure the stability of the modification even in the presence of salts. This makes it possible to use organic-mineral raw materials while drilling wells in the most difficult geological conditions.

When drilling wells the following types of drilling muds on the basis of organo-mineral raw materials are used:
  • saline - for drilling and penetrating into formations with abnormally high formation pressure;
  • mineralized - to penetrate rocks with abnormally low formation pressure.

Solutions based on organic-mineral raw materials are used in the construction and restoration of wells by sidetracking. Organic-mineral raw materials are used to prepare special compositions:

  • buffer fluids,
  • colmatant carrier fluids.
Qualitative characteristics of drilling agents on the basis of organo-mineral raw materials allow using them effectively in all drilling intervals.

Organo-mineral raw materials - structure-forming and crust-forming agent, replaces clay powder in drilling fluids, thus saving at least 30% of money.

Organomineral raw materials meet all the requirements of ecological purity of drilling agents on their basis, which makes it possible to widely use such drilling agents (up to the environmental protection places) with the possibility of unlimited discharge of the used drilling agent on the terrain.

According to organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters of organic-mineral raw materials meet the requirements given in the table

Nominal weight and packaging

  • up to 15 kg in polyethylene bags;
  • up to 1000 kg in polypropylene soft containers (Big-Bag);
  • other weight and type of packaging as agreed with the customer.

HS code

HS codes are used for customs operations, such as declaration or collection of customs duties, and are available on the official website of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Organo-mineral raw materials corresponds to HS code: 2530 90 000 9 - Other mineral substances not elsewhere named or included.

Results of homologation (approval) and field testing of RUP "PO "Belorusneft"

Results of the homologation procedure

In July 2020 organic-mineral raw materials produced by ALC "AGROSEMPRODUCT" successfully passed the homologation procedure (approval) of RUP "PO "Belorusneft".

Results of the homologation procedure (PDF)
In November 2020, ALC "AGROSEMPRODUCT" began to ship experimental batches of organo-mineral raw materials to PU "Neftesnabkomplekt" RUP "PO "Belorusneft" in order to obtain an opinion on the suitability of organo-mineral raw materials for drilling mud preparation.

In May 2021 PU "Neftesnabkomplekt" of RUP "PO "Belorusneft" reported about successful pilot tests of organo-mineral raw materials at 2 sites, having not revealed any deviations.

Main advantages of Sapropel drilling muds

  • Low cost
    Low cost of organic-mineral raw materials compared to bentonite clays or foam reagents
  • Eco-friendliness
    No or insignificant contamination of producing formations and the environment
  • No lubricant additives required
    No or negligible consumption of synthetic lubricant additives
  • Drill tool protection
    Reduction of drilling tool abrasion

About drilling fluids

Successful construction of oil and gas wells is largely determined by the composition and properties of drilling fluids, primarily designed to remove drill cuttings from wells and to cool drilling tools.

Drilling mud is a multicomponent disperse system (suspension, emulsion or aerated fluid), which properties are chosen depending on geological and physical conditions.

To penetrate productive formations with different geological and physical conditions drilling fluids are used on the basis of:

  • bentonite (a mineral of the clay group);
  • foaming agent (biopolymers);
  • sapropel (organic-mineral raw material, concentrated in lakes and sediments underlying peat deposits).

Drilling muds, prepared from sapropel, have satisfactory technological properties and can be used without additional treatment with chemical reagents for uncomplicated drilling conditions. The sapropel drilling muds in many cases can be used without the use of toxic polymer reagents or with a small amount of them compared to traditional muds based on bentonite or foam reagent.


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