Peat-sapropel substrate for blueberries *

* At the moment, these products are not available
Peat-sapropel substrate with optimal for blueberry acidity (3.8-4.2 ph) and the degree of decomposition of organic matter over 50% contains a large number of macro- and microelements and provides plants with everything necessary for normal development and fruiting. The presence of 2810 mg of iron in the substrate protects blueberry from plant chlorosis, a disease that disrupts the formation of chlorophyll in the leaves and reduces the activity of photosynthesis.
An example of growing blueberries
Peat-sapropelny substrate contains humic acids of different composition, which due to the formation of organomineral complexes fix nitrogen and potassium in the exchange form, reducing their mobility, and phosphorus translates into easily extractable form plants, which allows for 50% reduction in mineral fertilizer applications when fertilizing.


when planting blueberries, mix peat-sapropel substrate with garden soil in a 1:1 ratio;
when mulching the soil around blueberries, peat-sapropel substrate is a minimum layer of 10 cm.

Nominal weight and packaging

  • up to 15 kg in polyethylene bags;
  • up to 1000 kg in polypropylene soft containers (Big-Bag);
  • other weight and type of packaging as agreed with the customer.
ALC "AGROSEMPRODUCT" has the ability to organize the production of these products on an industrial scale. In case of interest, we ask you to contact the head office of the company. Possible ways of contact are listed in the contacts section.
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