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Soil conditioner is a product based on processed humic raw materials (peat and sapropel), an effective accumulator of moisture and mineral nutrition components for plants, a powerful ion exchanger and soil salinity depressor.

Soil conditioner is designed to form a fertile soil layer in areas unsuitable for farming, including desert and semi-desert areas, depleted due to intensive farming and polluted by industrial emissions.

Mass fraction of humic substances in soil conditioner is 63.4% on dry matter.
Example of fertile soil restoration in arid regions
Soil conditioner is an environmentally friendly highly effective prolonged action product, which is a balanced system of organic components, compounds of macro- and microelements, active enzymes and physiologically active substances.

The high content of organic element in soil conditioner contributes to soil structuring, increasing its moisture capacity and gradual accumulation of humus in the productive layer.
The main advantages of the soil conditioner
  • Creating fertile soil in an environmentally friendly way
    When soil conditioner is mixed with the parent soil layer, a fertile soil layer with high humus content with improved agronomic and agrophysical indicators, as well as a reduction of toxic compounds - salts of heavy metals, radionuclides is formed.
  • Improved absorption of nutrients
    The combination of essential amino acids and trace elements can effectively stimulate photosynthesis, protein synthesis and nutrient uptake processes in plants.
  • Fermented organic ingredients
    The organic components in the soil conditioner are in a fermented form.
  • Savings on irrigation costs
    Reduces plant irrigation requirements by increasing the water-holding capacity of the soil.
  • Sanitary Safety
    The soil conditioner does not contain pathogenic microflora, helminths and their eggs, germinating seeds of weeds.
  • Duration of storage
    Soil conditioner can be stored for a long time without decomposition or loss of useful components.

Nominal weight and packaging

  • up to 15 kg in polyethylene bags;
  • up to 1000 kg in polypropylene soft containers (Big-Bag);
  • other weight and type of packaging as agreed with the customer.
ALC "AGROSEMPRODUCT" has the ability to organize the production of these products on an industrial scale. In case of interest, we ask you to contact the head office of the company. Possible ways of contact are listed in the contacts section.
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