Study of the effectiveness of feed additive from sapropel

Author: ALC "AGROSEMPRODUCT" / 23.02.2021 /
English Translation: DeepL Translate
At the end of 2020 RUE "Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on Animal Husbandry" completed research work on the effectiveness of the feed additive Sapropel from the Udhovda deposit.

The results of the studies have shown the real effectiveness of the feed additive when it is added to the mixed fodder animals in a certain experiential amount.

The texts of the reports and recommendations in their entirety are in Russian

When feeding the feed additive improves the activity of the main systems and organs of animals - digestion, blood circulation of the liver, stomach, resulting in reduced morbidity and mortality of animals, increases resistance to adverse environmental influences.
Domestic pigs

Recommended rates of feed additive in mixed fodder for cattle and pigs


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